The delicate glass noodles have several monikers in Asia, be it mung bean noodles, cellophane noodles or even bean thread noodles. Yet, what remains the same is the inimitable texture and flavor that they bring to the table. If you’ve ever tasted these beguiling cellophane noodles in a salad or stir-fry at a restaurant about town, then they’ve probably already enchanted you. Well, today we bring you a few handpicked recipes that help you replicate these incredible dishes at home.

  1. EASY Handmade Chinese Rainbow Glass Noodles

If you’re concerned that you may not be able to source these noodles locally, then fret not. For this recipe will help you whip up glass noodles at home in no time at all. All you will need are potatoes or mung bean starch. The resulting noodles will be perfectly chewy and delightful for the rainbow hued dish that will sate your palate. Take a look at the video for the recipe-

  1. Thai Stir-fried Glass Noodles

An iconic dish in Thailand, the classic Thai stir-fried glass are actually quite fast to cook. To begin with, most recipes soak the glass noodles in warm water for a few minutes. They need to be carefully watched if you decide to boil them, for they cook very fast and tend to overcook which makes them soggy. This recipe is simple and uses cellophane noodles and vegetables in a lovely savoury sauce.

  1. Yum Woon Sen or Glass Noodle Salad

A staple in most Thai homes, the Yum woon sen is also known as the Glass noodle salad. It is incredibly fragrant, delicately spiced and delicious to eat. It is the ideal dish for the end of summer as it is best had cold. It includes an abundance of crunchy vegetables in several colours, which makes it rich with vitamins and minerals adding a healthy quotient to the deliciousness.

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