Popular YouTuber Gaurav Taneja, also known as Flying Beast, drew flak online after he claimed that two families remained unaffected by Bhopal gas leak because they performed regular Agnihotra Havan. Havan is a Hindu ritual where a fire is burned to pay homage to the Gods. He also claimed that such a havan is a ‘natural antidote to pollution’. The Bhopal gas tragedy of 1984 is regarded as one of the world’s worst industrial disasters.

YouTuber 'Flying Beast' Roasted for Claiming 'Havan' Saved Lives During Bhopal Gas Leak

“ग्रह प्रवेश पूजा Hinduism is a science based way of life. On 3 dec 1984 , two families remained unaffected from Bhopal gas leak.

They performed regular अग्निहोत्र (हवन), which is a natural antidote to pollution.”

Netizens asked if there is any science backing his claim. They also wanted to know the link between a gas leak and pollution.

“wtf logic is this ?! It’s not ‘pollution’ it’s Methyl cyanade gas ! And if homas could purify toxic industrial wastes then industries would be hiring priests instead of investing millions in disposing of wastes & govt on regulating them!”

“I’m an admirer of @flyingbeast320, but seriously ??? I believe you are an educated person still this …”

“Feels bad after learning so much about Industrial Disaster Management in my engineering college. Learning a lot of case studies, way to avoid a disaster and also mitigation efforts. But all we needed was a havan!!!”

In 2019, an article in The Lallantop reported that one Kushwaha family from Bhopal remained unaffected by the gas leak that killed thousands because they were performing the Agnihotra Yagna in their house. When people were choking to death after inhaling toxic methyl isocyanate gas, the family was busy in the havan. It is now believed by a section of the people that the havan saved their lives, added the report.

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