World Hypertension Day is observed every year on May 17 to increase awareness of hypertension and educate people about the problems caused due to hypertension.

Hypertension affects more than 30 per cent of the adult population worldwide, which is more than one billion people in the world.

One in four adults in India suffer from hypertension and only 10 per cent of patients have their blood pressure under control, according to the latest report by the India Council for Medical Research.


Hypertension is defined as a condition where the force of the blood against the artery walls is too high. The more blood the heart pumps, the chances are higher for the arteries to become narrow, which therefore increases the blood pressure.

Today, we are giving you a list of five fruits that you should add to your diet to manage blood pressure.

1. Bananas

Bananas are extremely low in sodium and rich in potassium, fibre and magnesium which helps keep BP low and manage hypertension.

You can have them alone or add them to your smoothies and milkshakes. It also promotes digestion and helps people feel full for longer.

2. Orange

It contains several antioxidants and could help lower your blood pressure too. The fruit is high in heart-healthy fibres and vitamin C.

However, it is more advisable to have the whole fruit over the juice, to make sure you don’t lose out on healthy fibres. 

3. Pomegranate

Pomegranate helps in reducing the enzyme ACE which controls the size of the blood vessels and lowers the blood pressure. Eat it as it is or drink juice or mix it in your salad.

4. Mango

The king of fruits, mango is a great source of fibre, beta carotene and potassium which are effective in lowering blood pressure.

5. Coconut water

Coconut helps in regulating blood pressure by maintaining the electrolyte balance. Drink a glass of coconut water daily to manage hypertension.

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