The most-awaited season of mangoes has arrived. From sandwiches and cake to shakes, everyone is busy savouring the king of fruits in different ways. However, have you heard that soaking mangoes in water before eating them has many health benefits? Experts suggest that soaking mango in water before eating is very beneficial for health. The practice, besides getting rid of dirt and chemicals, has proven scientific benefits.

Here we have listed you all the reasons why you should soak mangoes in water before eating

Helps in avoiding skin issues

It is well-accepted fact that consuming mangoes leads to developing skin problems like acne, and pimples, so the practice is an easy way to avoid the issues.

To keep it cool

Mangoes raise the body’s temperature, which leads to the production of thermogenesis. Therefore, soaking mangoes in water for 30 minutes before eating would help in reducing thermogenic properties.

Get rid of chemicals

Chemicals like pesticides and insecticides used on crops are poisonous to health and can cause different side effects like headache, eye and skin irritation, respiratory tract irritation, nausea, and so on. Also, the practice removes milky sap on mangoes stem which contains phytic acid.

Busting fat

Mangoes are strong in phytochemicals, therefore, soaking them in water for 30 minutes, lowers their concentration level, and they act as natural fat busters.

Eliminates phytic acid

Phytic acid is a type of nutrition, which can be both good and bad for health. It is considered an antinutrient, which prevents the body from absorbing iron, zinc, calcium, and other minerals. At the same time, not only mango but other fruits, vegetables, and nuts also contain phytic acid. Phytic acid generates heat in the body, so soaking mangoes helps in removing the excess acid.

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