Virat Kohli’s form has been a cause of concern for not just the Indian cricket team but also the fans. After each low score, people start questioning his relevance in the team.

However, the voices within India and outside are quite different. In our country, the demands for his exclusion are growing, whereas the experts from other countries are not willing to give up on the modern-day legend just yet

They agree the Indian talisman is going through a difficult period, something which he had never endured before in his illustrious career, but they also believe that a player of his quality needs only one or two innings to find his old mojo back. 

After Kohli got out for cheap in the second ODI, which India lost by 100 runs, a reporter asked England’s white-ball captain Jos Buttler what he thought of the severe criticism that the right-hand batter has been facing back in his home country owing to his poor form.

Rather than being happy about it, Buttler said Kohli’s ongoing struggles only proved that he was not an alien but human like the rest of the players. 

“I suppose in a little way it’s quite refreshing for the rest of us that he (Kohli) is human and he can have a couple of low scores as well, but look he has been one of the best players, if not the best player in ODI cricket in the world,” Buttler said during a press conference after the second ODI. 

“So, he’s been a fantastic player for so many years and all batters, it just proves, go through runs of form where they don’t perform as well as they can do sometimes,” he added. 

As an England captain, Buttler was happy that Kohli wasn’t scoring as many runs as the whole world knows he can because it would give his side a better chance of winning the series. 

At the same time, the English wicket-keeper also added that he was “incredibly surprised” to hear thankless critics being hell-bent on tearing a player like him down, who has won countless matches for India with his bat single-handedly. 

“But certainly, as an opposition captain, you know a player of that class is always due, so you’re hoping that it doesn’t come against us. Yeah, incredibly surprised, as I said, his record speaks for himself. The matches he’s won for India and yeah, why would you question that,” he added. 

Indian captain Rohit Sharma also echoed the same sentiment as Buttler during the post-match press conference when he was asked about Kohli’s form for the second successive game. 

Before going all out on Kohli, the critics shouldn’t forget that form is temporary but class is permanent. Just because a lion has stopped going after prey, it doesn’t mean he has forgotten how to hunt.

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