Travelling, for the longest time, was undertaken only when it was required but now it has become a passion for so many people around us. Over time, the fascination for travelling among people kept increasing. And when you travel, you also stay in different hotels and villas. However, ever wondered why hotels only provide complimentary breakfasts and not lunch or dinner?

Since India is a food-loving country, the marketing strategy of the hoteliers is hidden behind this concept. Many hotels offer a complimentary breakfast so that customers book their stays with them. The hotel staff also makes an effort to serve a satisfying breakfast to encourage repeat business.

The other reason, of course, is the fact that it is difficult to locate shops and hotels that are open early in the morning and that serve breakfast. Whether travelling for work or fun, one should not begin the day on an empty stomach. Instead of looking for a breakfast option in a new city, people prefer such a hotel, where breakfast is available for free.

From the hotel’s perspective, serving breakfast is only one of several ways to increase profits. The F&B sector also generates a sizable profit.

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