Magic is a phenomenon that cannot be explained through reason. And we all know that nature is the best magician of all. Showing one of her tricks, yet again, nature has surprised netizens on social media, with a very peculiar sighting. A mulberry tree in Montenegro, South-eastern Europe, is seen gushing out water like a tap is fitted inside its trunk. The sighting has left social media users confused as to how it is possible for a tree to gush out water. This is not the first time that a clip of the mulberry trees of Montenegro spewing out water has surfaced.

In fact, it has now become an annual thing. Every year, for a day or two, the trees’ barks let water flow through them. Take a look:

The visuals that you just saw are from a village called Dinosa, in Podgorica, the capital city of Montenegro. Let’s look at it through a scientific spectacle to know what actually goes behind this mysterious process.

This village in Podgorica has multiple streams of water. These streams are fostered by a spring. The spring, when the snow melts or the place experiences heavy rainfall, overflows. Some part of the spring also flows beneath these mulberry trees. As a result, when the overflow occurs, an optimal amount of pressure results in the water rising from underneath the tree, into the hollows of the tree. The hollows of the tree act as a portal for the spring water to balance the overflow and relieve the pressure. This marvellous phenomenon is, although annual, a rare sight to behold since it happens only for a day or two.

Such phenomena have been spotted in other trees as well. For instance, this tree seems like it is bleeding while being cut.

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