As a warning was issued by the India Meteorological Department, residents in Telangana were bracing for up for heavy rain. But, what they were not expecting was some live fishes that would accompany the showers. Several people in the Jagtial town of Telangana were left puzzled as they witnessed fishes raining down the sky this Friday and Saturday. Some even captured the rare natural occurrence in their camera and shared the video on social media, reported ABP news. In one such video, uploaded on YouTube, a person can be seen trying to hold a flapping fish that came down along with the rain.

Reportedly, this was due to a rare weather phenomenon known as rain of animals. During such an event, small aquatic animals like crabs, small fishes, and frogs are picked up by waterspouts and get sucked into the sky. Later, when the waterspout loses power, these creatures end up getting rained down on the land with water, baffling people.

Marine animals like fishes get transported away from their natural habitat due to the weather phenomenon. Now, while the occurrence may be rare, this wasn’t the first time people had witnessed an animal rain.

Last year in October, residents of Uttar Pradesh’s Bhadohi district witnessed the same phenomenon where fishes started to fall from the sky. The marine creatures had accompanied strong winds and heavy rain that lashed the region that day. Small fishes were seen raining near the Kandhiya Gate area of Chauri that left the onlookers fascinated.

As the news spread, residents in the area tried to make the most of the event and started collecting the fishes. Reportedly, the locals managed to pick as much as 50 kilograms of fish from rooftops, fields, and orchards that had landed in the area. However, many of them later dumped them in pits and ponds fearing that the fishes could be poisonous.

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