Among all creatures, crocodiles are among the deadliest. Both on land and in the water, they are terrifying. One may mistakenly believe that these animals are slower on land than they are in the water. Recently, a video that dispels the misconception and demonstrates how swift crocodiles may be on land also, has surfaced on the internet. In the short video posted by Gatorland Orlando, a theme park and wildlife preserve in the US, on their Facebook page on 18 August, a Cuban crocodile can be seen charging about inside its enclosure and pursuing a man as he tries to flee from it.

The video starts with the crocodile moving slowly. All of a sudden it grabbed an unpredictable pace when it noticed a man inside its closure. As soon as the man started running, the creature also started galloping towards him but stopped abruptly. A number of visitors can be spotted outside the fence. They were watching the occurrence with much enthusiasm while some of them were recording it with their phone camera.

The footage is enough to give the feel of a thriller movie because of its suspenseful background music. The caption of the post reads, “Chainsaw in action. Our amazing Cuban crocodile.” The bone-chilling video has caught the eyeballs of social media users and with no surprise, has received more than 1 million views so far. Over 8,000 users have responded to this uncertain happening by hitting the reaction button on Facebook.

After witnessing the rare sight, one user noted, “You won’t see an alligator gallop like that.”

Another individual jokingly commented, “Today I have learnt that I can outrun a crocodile.”

A person wrote, “They can’t run that far, does not have the lungs for it.”

Cuba is home to a small to medium-sized crocodile species known as the Cuban Crocodile. Despite their diminutive size, they are thought to be incredibly aggressive, which makes them potentially very deadly.

The ones bred in captivity, however, may also be trained to do a variety of tricks. The species can run at speeds between 15 and 22 mph despite having short legs. They can run for up to 100 feet, but they do not hunt this way as they become tired rapidly.

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