Jagdeep Dhankhar of the BJP alliance or the opposition candidate Margaret Alva! The result will be clear in the vice presidential election on August 6. The deadline for submitting nominations for the post of vice president ended on Tuesday. Voting for the country’s second-highest constitutional post is virtually inevitable. Information says that this is the 16th election for the post of vice president in the country. In the past, 11 out of 15 times the result was decided by election. The Vice President has been elected unopposed only four times. Apart from the country’s First Vice President Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, Mohammad Hidayatullah and shankar Dayal sharma are in this list.

Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan won two consecutive first and second Vice-Presidential elections unopposed in 1952 and 1957. In 1979, Mohammad Hidayatullah won the seventh vice-presidential election unopposed. In 1987, Shankar Dayal Sharma won the ninth vice-presidential election unopposed. In 2017, outgoing Vice President Venkaiah Naidu won against Gopalkrishna Gandhi. Venkaiah’s term ends on August 10.

Incidentally, legislators cannot vote in the vice-presidential election as in the presidential election. Only Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha MPs can vote. At present the combined number of MPs of the two house is 780. The support of 391 MPs is required to get a majority. Only BJP has 394 MPs in both houses of Parliament. As a result, the victory of the candidate of the ruling camp for the post of vice president is considered to be practically a matter of time.

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