Aman, fed up with his wife’s arguments and assaults, has been living on an 80-feet-tall palm tree for the last month. The bizarre incident is from the Kopaganj area of Uttar Pradesh’s Mau district.

Ram Pravesh, 42, was having fight with his wife for the last six months. He also alleged that he was beaten up by his wife. He got so upset with his wife’s behaviour that he climbed up the tree and has been living there for a month. His family hangs food and water near the tree by tying it with a rope, which he pulls from above.

According to the villagers, Ram Pravesh gets down from the tree at some time in the night and climbs back to the tree after defecating. They asked Ram Pravesh to come down but he refused. The villagers then called the police. When Ram Pravesh did not listen to them despite making several requests, they made a video of him and left.

Village head Deepak Kumar said, “Villagers have objected to his living on a palm tree, saying that there are many houses adjacent to it. He keeps watching what people are doing in their houses and it affects their privacy. Many women of the village have come and complained about this to us. We informed the police about it but they came, made a video and left”.

Ram Pravesh’s father, Shrikishun Ram, said that people from around the village visit the place every day to see him.