Loaded with fibre and nutrients, besan (gram flour) or chickpea powder is a wonder food for weight loss. Not many know that besan contains even fewer calories than wheat flour and aids weight loss. The underrated besan not only cuts down your calories to support weight loss but also lowers diabetes, keeps the heart healthy, fights allergies, and helps with skincare. Also, unlike other healthy foods, besan is super versatile. Some besan-made dishes are extremely pleasing to foodies. So let’s take a look at some of the healthy but tasty besan recipes that will aid your weight loss journey:

Besan halwa

This halwa is prepared by roasting the gram flour and adding milk to it. To make it healthier, you can use jaggery to add the sweetness or stick to sugar as per your liking. Adding some dry fruits not only enhances its flavour but also makes it visually appealing.

Besan ki roti

As mentioned earlier, gram flour carries fewer calories compared to wheat flour. It is a perfect substitute to cut down on those extra calories. For this, you need to mix gram flour with wheat flour in an equal quantity and knead it. People who prefer thin chapatis must increase the amount of wheat flour in the mixture. You can add a tinch of garlic and coriander leaves to enhance the flavour if you like.

Gatte ki sabzi

It is a rustic gravy dish from the belly of Rajasthan, which is prepared by making balls of besan and boiling them in water. Later, those balls are cooked in a gravy made of onions, ginger, and garlic paste, along with spices. This flavourful dish is usually enjoyed with rice.


How can we skip Gujarat’s favourite snack, which is entirely made of gram flour? It might surprise you that Dhokla contains only 45–50 calories because it is steamed. You can enjoy it with your breakfast or with your evening tea.

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