Did you know that there are plenty of ways to use the water that’s leftover after you’ve made paneer out of it? Yes, you heard it just right! Most of us simply throw away the water that’s left while we make paneer. Well, after reading this article, you are never going to throw away the leftover water. Protein and other nutrients for the body can be found in this water.


You can knead your dough with whey instead of water if you’re making rotis, chapattis, paranthas, puris, bhature, or any other bread. This gives your breads a great tangy flavour while also making them extra soft and fluffy. If you’re interested in using it to make dough, follow these steps for using whey water after making paneer.



The sourness in most Indian gravies originates from tomatoes, amchur, imli, kokam, or dahi. Whey can be used to replace any of these ingredients. Most gravy-based Indian foods have a sour flavour. Curd, tamarind, kokam, tomatoes, or dried mango powder contribute to the sour flavour. However, you can make homemade gravy taste similar by replacing these items with whey water. Simply use whey water instead of chicken or vegetable stock when making gravy to achieve the desired flavour.



If you have a lot of whey and need to use it up fast, boil rice, pasta, or vegetables in it. You can boil rice with this water so as to get all the nutrients in the form of cooked rice. Instead of just throwing away the water you can utilise this nutrient-rich water in many other ways.

In Soup

Instead of stock or water, whey water can be used to make soup. This will boost the protein content of your soup, regardless of the other components you use. Whey water will give your soup broth body and flavour, and it may be used in place of water in dairy or cream-based soup recipes. For instance, we’d like to demonstrate how to create this delectable cabbage soup with whey.

Once you start utilising the leftover water, there will be no returning back from there. You will then always want to use this water in a variety of ways.

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