Social media is a platform which has content for literally any kind of person. But sometimes, there are some things we see on the internet that make our hearts full. One such video is now going viral. 

This video features the most beautiful bond between a father and his child. Posted on Instagram by a user named Sakshi Mehrotra, the video shows a little girl feeding her father (what looks like fruits) inside a local train. She gave the first bite to the father and then ate the next slice, that too after her father nodded her to do so. The father then patted his daughter’s head and truly was such a small but emotional moment. 

“Today in Mumbai local,” the video caption reads.

Watch the video:

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The video got a lot

of attention and now it has garnered more than 1.93 lakh likes and hundreds of comments. People showered this heart-felt video with love, heart and teary-eyed emoticons. “Best thing on Internet today,” wrote one. Another person stated, “This is life when there is less expectation and more satisfaction in the things and people that are around us.”

“No show-off, not ‘banawti’ (not a made-up store), only pure and unconditional love,” a third comment read. Another person just commented, “These moments!!” with a heart emoji.

Another adorable father-daughter moment

The relationships between fathers and daughters are truly heartwarming that is why the internet loves videos related to them. Recently, a video had gone majorly viral where a little girl spotted her pilot father on the same flight as hers and got super excited. 

In the video, the little one can be seen perched on a flight seat, and when she spots her father dressed as a pilot on the same flight. The little one’s reaction after seeing her father is priceless. She shouts out loud, “Papa”. Her father waves back at her. The clip was recorded by the little girl’s mother. 

“My best flight till now. I love my Papa. He is my Best Friend. I love spending time with him. And when mumma told me he’ll fly us today I was just so excited (sic),” the video caption read.

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We absolutely live for content like these. Truly made our day.

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