If there is one thing that cools down the heart and mind in summer, it is ice cream. Generally, everyone likes ice cream, but of course in different flavours. But imagine having hot and spicy ice cream.

Japan’s small village of Hirata has become famous for challenging anyone and everyone to try ultra spicy hot habanero ice cream. Many who tried the flavour have never been able to finish it. The shopkeeper does not take money from the ones who can eat the entire ice cream. Fukushima’s Hirata village is famous for its spicy ice cream. So, what goes into this ice cream?

One of the spiciest chillies in the world, Habanero chilli powder, is dusted on the top of the ice cream. Now, it all depends on the threshold of the eater. The shopkeepers take a written confirmation from the people that the customer is eating it at his own risk. A reporter of a famous Japanese reality show had put his video while trying the ice cream.

The mouth-burning ice cream was started in the year 2011 after the Fukushima disaster. After the disaster of tsunami and radiation, people here started having trouble running their expenses. Meanwhile, the farmers here started growing small Habanero peppers.

In the year 2015, they started serving this spicy chilli with soft-serve ice cream and the idea was an instant hit. Whoever eats the hot cream spicy ice cream full pays nothing.

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