If you think smart work and hard work cannot go hand-in-hand, you are about to get inspired by the story of this 22-year-old woman who has a healthy income without having a permanent job.

Atlanta Martin claims to earn £1000 (Rs 90k) a week by working for three delivery apps. Yep, that’s higher than the salary of many corporate workers with experience.

It’s a fact that apps have changed the way we get services and get goods delivered in our footsteps. While it has made our lives easy, it has also proved to be a boon for people struggling to find jobs.

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Atlanta is a perfect example of how smart work and hard work for delivery apps can increase your income.

According to a LadBible report, the 22-year-old said she quit her full-time job as a flight dispatcher last year after realising she could make more money by doing 11-hour shifts as a delivery driver.

Atlanta doesn’t always work alone on her shifts. She is mostly joined by her boyfriend and fellow driver Benjamin Hasker.

Believe it or not, the two even decided to take up the challenge of delivering packages for 24 hours straight. September 13 was their longest shift ever.

Currently, Atlanta does delivery work for Just Eat, UberEats, Beelivery, Deliveroo and Gopher across Worthing in Sussex.

“When I first looked into doing it, the only place where you could really do 24 hours of delivering was London, but as deliveries have become more available, you can now do it in Brighton. I had Ben with me, so we motivated each other and took turns driving – I’m not a morning person so already struggled to get up for 7 am and Ben drove a lot in the night,” said Atlanta.

“We kept going to a 24-hour McDonald’s for the toilet, and we had a Domino’s at about 11pm which was amazing,” she added.

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