It is important to keep oneself hydrated during summer, and as such, consume hydrating fluids, vegetables and fruits during the hot months. One such popular, seasonal fruit that is easily available in the summer season is kharbuja or muskmelon. The juicy fruit is not only delicious to eat, but also comes packed with numerous health benefits.

Muskmelon aka kharbuja is a popular summer fruit which is loved by everyone. But as much as we love its taste, do you know it is also loaded with immense health benefits,” nutritionist Lovneet Batra captioned an Instagram post as she listed down some of the benefits.

Muskmelons are rich in potassium which helps in reducing the blood pressure, thereby keeping the heart healthy. Also, the adenosine in muskmelons has blood thinning properties, which automatically reduces the risk of heart ailments

Good for your eyes

The high amounts of vitamin A and beta carotene in muskmelon helps sharpen eyesight as well as reduces the risk of developing cataracts.

Prevents kidney stones

An extract of muskmelon called oxykine has proven qualities of curing kidney disorders and stones. It also cleanses the kidneys owing to its high-water content.

Eases menstrual cramps

Due to its anti-coagulant property, it dissolves clots and eases muscle cramps.

Muskmelon: Uses, benefits & easy recipes - Times of India

“A summer treat that is delicious, healthy and in season! So, don’t miss out on the goodness of this wonder fruit,” she said.

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