Heatwave comes with its own set of problems and constipation is certainly one of them. As mercury touches almost 50 degrees in some parts of the country, it doesn’t spell good news for our health, but taking adequate precautions, staying hydrated and cool, and good nutrition can help us deal with it to a great extent. (Also read: What happens at 50 degrees: Do’s and don’ts to follow)

Constipation is a common problem in summer as the intense heat could easily lead to dehydration. While intake of fibre-rich foods can soften your stools and help you with your bowel movements, there are certain foods that do the opposite – make your stool dry and hard. If you are already constipated, then you should avoid the following foods at all costs.

Ayurveda expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar advises her followers to not have these three Cs if they are constipated.

1. Cumin

Dr Bhavsar says cumin is good for digestion but at the same time also dry and absorbent in nature which could worsen constipation.

“Cumin in ayurveda is called Jeeraka (which is derived from the word jeerna (which means digestion). So Jeeraka means that ‘which digests’. It increases pitta (improves digestion), is laghu (light in digestion) but also rooksha (drying in nature) and grahi (the one which absorbs) so its wonderful for appetite, diarhhoea, IBS but not for constipation,” says the expert.

2. Curd


According to Ayurveda curd is heavy to digest and absorbent in nature and must be avoided in case of constipation.

“Curd is ruchya (improves taste), ushna (hot in nature) and vatajit (balances vata) but it also is guru (heavy to digest) and grahi (absorbent in nature just like cumin) which makes it incompatible for constipation,” says Dr Bhavsar.

3. Caffeine


If you think caffeine can ease your bowel movements, you could be wrong as its consumption can cause dehydration and worsen your constipation.

“We all believe that caffeine can stimulate the muscles in our digestive system and cause easy bowel movement. But caffeine (especially excessive caffeine) also causes dehydration, which can give the opposite effect and lead to constipation. So, if you’re constipated, avoid it or choose decaf,” says Dr Dixa Bhavsar.

The Ayurveda expert also advises her followers not to begin the day with tea or coffee even if they aren’t constipated. According to her, warm water or a tsp of cow ghee would work better.

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