Avery shocking case has come to light at Chennai International Airport where a man brought a live monkey, python and tortoise in his bag. On August 11, customs officials traced the animals illegally brought from Bangkok and detained at the airport itself. Officials said that on the basis of intelligence information, we stopped a person and checked his bag and it was found that live animals were filled in it. 

Customs officials said that upon checking the check-in baggage, they found one De Brazza’s monkey, 15 king snakes, five ball pythons and two aldabra tortoises. “Since the live animals were brought in illegally, they have been sent back to the country of origin through airways in consultation with AQCS (Animal Quarantine and Certification Service),” an officials said. According to officials, the passenger was stopped on the basis of intelligence inputs.

Officials said they had already received intelligence report that a passenger on flight number TG-337 was coming from Bangkok with live animals. Since then the authorities kept a close watch on him. After the animals were recovered from the accused and then after consulting the authorities, they were sent back to Bangkok via Thai Airways.

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