The fusion of different food and experimenting with them are very popular nowadays. Because of the lockdown, everyone was a chef at their home and it is no harm to do a little experiment with your food. But this vendor took the food experimentation to another level. A video of a sandwich with butter, chocolate, jam and ice cream went viral on social media and people can’t digest it just by watching the video.

The video is captioned “Dil Wala Sandwich from Bhavnagar”.

In the video, the vendor first cuts white bread with a heart-shaped cutter and spreads butter and jam on it. After that, he grates the chocolate and put it on the bread slice. He also cuts the stick chocolate ice cream in half and puts it in the sandwich.

Netizens can’t digest this weird sandwich combination. Some people expressed their anger at the absurd food combination, meanwhile, some posted hilarious comments on the video. After watching the video, one Twitter user wrote, “If ‘You won’t be able to guess what happens next’ was a food video. :3”, meanwhile, another commented, “Cringed when he cut that choco bar in half like that. Need that erased from my mind asap”.

Okk but cheese icecream butter together i 😭😭😭😭😭😭— 🌸 (@y0urfrenchfries) June 25, 2022

Earlier, a video of golgappa with ice cream and rooh afza went viral. Golgappas are the most popular street food and experimenting with them did not go well with the golgappas lover. Netizens did not approve of this odd combination and had some frustrating and hilarious reactions to this video.

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This weird combination of golgappa has frustrated the golgappa lovers on the internet and it is no less than a crime for them. One person commented, “This is why aliens don’t visit us”, meanwhile, another person wrote, “Ngl I wish I was blind”.

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