Congress President Sonia Gandhi, who is being questioned by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) for the third day in the National Herald newspaper linked money laundering case, has put the onus of the transactions on party’s former treasurer Motilal Vora.

Sonia Gandhi expressed her inability to explain the transactions regarding the takeover of the assets of Associated Journals Limited, the publisher of National Herald and other publications by Young Indian, where she and Rahul Gandhi have a majority stake. Sonia Gandhi has been questioned for two days in the case, while the probe agency has quizzed the party president on 55 questions regarding the case.

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi, who was questioned by the ED in the case, also said that Motilal Vora had knowledge about the details of the takeover of Associated Journals Ltd (AJL), according to ED sources.

Here is all you need to know about Motilal Vora:

– Motilal Vora, the last of the Gandhian leaders in the Congress, was a long-time confidant of the party’s first family. – He sailed through the turbulence of state and national politics for nearly five decades with his commitment to the party and personality. – Vora was actively involved with the affairs of Associated Journals Ltd. According to reports, in January 2008, the employees’ union and the then AICC treasurer Motilal Vora had co-signed the agreement declaring the AJL group’s National Herald newspaper’s closure in January 2008. – Congress’s Motilal Vora died in December 2020 and was also questioned by the ED in the National Herald case. – He was also the chief minister of undivided Madhya Pradesh and former Governor of Uttar Pradesh in the post-Babri Masjid demolition era. Vora was a socialist leader and was initially in the Samajwadi party. – Called “Babuji”, he was considered as a people’s man and was accessible to all. – He remained a Gandhi family loyalist and was a trusted partyman of Congress president Sonia Gandhi till the end. – According to veteran leaders, Vora was one such leader who would sit in the AICC office everyday during his tenure in the party. – A quintessential Congressman, he was the AICC treasurer for 18 years the longest among his party peers.

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