If you are the ones having your D-Day this summer, it is going to be the most memorable and important phase of your life. The pre-wedding preparations, shopping, excitement and nervousness all make it a tiring yet worthwhile affair! While this phase tends to get really hectic, it is also the time when you should pamper yourself with all the care, healthy food and regime your body deserves!

Pre-wedding for brides-to-be is a well-established factor, but for all the grooms-to-be, you should not be left behind as well! So, dietitian Garima Goyal is here with some diet tips you should keep in mind, to have that natural groom-glow to match up with your beautiful bride!

1. Healthy diet vs a crash weight loss diet

First and foremost, getting your basics clear is important. Losing weight should not be your ultimate goal, getting healthier should be! Going on a usual crash diet, and skipping meals would do nothing but just make you go low on energy levels. To have that wedding radiance and glow, it is important to eat home-cooked regular and healthy food and minimally processed. Avoiding junk food should also be strictly considered.

Pre-wedding diet secrets that every groom should know

2. Water

Staying hydrated is super important, especially when you are running all day- looking after preparations, shopping and making sure things are being done your way. Make sure you’re drinking at least 2-3 Litres of water every day, more so if you are sweating extra.

3. More fruits and vegetables

Loading yourself up with the goodness of fruits and vegetables is a great way to ensure you get all the important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants required to prepare for your D-DAY. Not only are these low on calories, but would also keep you full for a long time due to the fibre content. These are also good options for a last-minute snack in case you are running late!

Pre-wedding diet secrets that every groom should know

4. Avoid experimenting with new foods

This is also not the exact right time one should think of for trying out new diets or including new foods in their routine. There are many who go on fancy diets just days before the wedding, and end up with some serious allergies as a result. It is best to stick to basics, eat what suits you the most, and be comfortable!

5. Avoid excess salt

Now this one is very important. Eating excess salt can make you retain a lot of water, and you may end up with a bloated stomach. Make sure you avoid all the unnecessary junk foods, or excessive papads and chutneys. 

Pre-wedding diet secrets that every groom should know

Above all, for a good wedding, make sure you stay confident, happy and relaxed. Just be yourself, and don’t forget to enjoy to your fullest, as not every day you get to be the hero of an event!

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