NEW DELHI: Accusing the ruling BJP of fielding ministers and officer-bearers to spread falsehoods about the Congress’s Bharat Jodo Yatra, the party Monday demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should apologise to the nation for a “degenerate” attack on Rahul Gandhi that sought to slander a family relationship.

The Congress said a most insensitive and degenerate comment has come from BJP Tamil Nadu IT cell head, talking despicably about a relationship. On September 18, BJP Tamil Nadu IT cell head CTR Nirmal Kumar had shared an old picture of Rahul with his niece Miraya Vadra on Twitter. “This comment brings out the true mindset of the BJP leaders and workers. While they may operate in the mindset that CTR Nirmal Kumar tried to bring out, the world works differently.”

“When will Modi come out and apologise to Rahul Gandhi and the nation for the insensitive and toxic comments made by CTR Nirmal Kumar. Will JP Nadda answer how is Kumar still the IT cell chief of TN,” the Congress party asked.

A Congress spokesman said Union minister Smriti Irani and the BJP IT cell chairman have spoken lies about Rahul and the yatra. He said while Irani had alleged that Rahul did not visit the Vivekananda Memorial before the launch of Yatra from Kanyakumari, it was disproved with video evidence. He said BJP’s IT cell head has claimed that Rahul is not addressing the people or the media out of fear, but the fact is the Congress leader is addressing meetings and reporters daily.

The spokesperson said the fears of PM Modi are reflecting in the comments and falsehoods of the BJP leaders.

“There is a sense of discomfort amongst the top cadre of the BJP with the love and support that Rahul Gandhi is receiving from the people during his yatra. The entire government machinery has been put up against one man who is trying to correct what the BJP government has destroyed in the last eight years,” he said.

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