Pitru Paksha is a 15-day holy period during which Hindus pay their respects to their ancestors. This year, Pitru Paksha will begin on September 10 and end on Sarva Pitru Amavasya on September 25. As per Hindu Panchang, during this 15-day cycle that commences on the full moon, ancestors visit Earth to shower blessings on their children.

Pitru Paksha 2022: Dos and Don’ts During The 15-day Period

Hindus perform rituals, including Tarpan, Shradh, and Pind Daan during these two weeks, praying for the peace of their ancestors. It is believed that if food is offered to animals like cows, dogs, and crows, the deceased ancestors are also being fed in the process.

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According to Hinduism, if the ancestors are not satisfied, doom befalls the family causing several problems in their lives. To avoid such hindrances, certain rules need to be followed and some that need to be avoided during the Pitru Paksha period. Read them below:


Practice celibacy – It is mandatory to practice celibacy during the Pitru Paksha period if you are the one offering tarpan to your ancestors. Abstain from any physical forms of intimacy or marriage.

Give proper ingredients – Don’t forget to add black sesame seeds, milk, flowers, and kush to water whenever you offer tarpan to your ancestors. It is believed that Kush helps in satisfying ancestors quickly and peace bestows upon them.

Offer water during bath – Another important step to follow during Pitru Paksha is to offer water to your ancestors while bathing. Providing water to Lord Aaryaman is also essential during the tarpan as according to Hinduism your ancestors are satisfied when you offer water to Lord Aryaman.

Provide food to animals – When you feed animals like dogs, cows, and crows during the holy days of Pitru Paksha, it is considered a virtue. Through these animals, food reaches your deceased ancestors who shower you with blessings.

Engage in kindness – Since Pitru Paksha is a time of repentance, it is fundamental to remain calm, gentle, courteous, and kind during these 15 days.


No non-vegetarian foods – Do not consume any non-vegetarian food items during the holy days of Pitru Paksha. Alcohol, tobacco, and food like meat, onions, garlic, and brinjals should be avoided at all costs.

Engage in good behaviour with elders – Do not talk back or behave rudely with your elders in the family during Pitru Paksha. It is considered to be a sin and might cause Pitru Dosh.

Don’t perform auspicious works – It is forbidden to indulge in auspicious ceremonies like marriage, engagement, shifting to a new home, purchasing a new car, and mundan during these 15 days. It is considered to be bad luck.

Do not wear/buy new clothes – Another vital step to keep in mind during Pitru Paksha is to avoid wearing or even buying new clothes. It is thought to be inauspicious which might result in problems in the household.

Avoid these grooming activities – Refrain from cutting your nails, getting a haircut, or shaving, from the first day of Pitru Paksha itself. Conduct these activities one day before the ceremony.

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