Optical Illusion Personality Tests are creating a buzz over internet. These mind-boggling pictures even reveal something hidden about your personality. Netizens go crazy over these images and share it widely on the internet.

Here is one such picture. According to yourtango.com, the there are several animals in this picture and the first animal you see, reveals the best part about your personality.

See the Picture and make a note of what catches your eyeballs first.

1. The Koala

If you see the koala first, the best thing about you is your inner core of strength. You don’t let people get away with mistreating you.

2. The Giraffe

While many people your age easily worry about things, you don’t freak out easily. People find being around you relaxing.

3. The Pig

You are funny. No matter whether you’re at home or in the office, you can always make everybody laugh. You see humour in everything around you.

4. The Duck

If you see the duck first, the best think sabout you is that you are loyal. People can trust you and they always know they have got you standing by their side.

5. The Cat

You know how to use your words. While you are not always the speaker, people around you listen to you when you talk.

6. The Elephant

You always include people in your life. You’re an extrovert and you like living around new and interesting people.

7. The Bear

You are brave. People see you as someone who is fearless. But it’s not that a person who knows the definition of courage is not afraid of anything. You never hesitate to do what’s right and that’s what make you brave.

8. The Owl

You’re intelligent and open to share your knowledge with everyone around. Your inquisitive nature inspires everyone around you.

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