If you think meals served on a flight’s first-class may be better than those served in Economy or Business, you might want to think again. A passenger travelling by British Airways shared a picture of her first-class meal on Twitter and wanted people’s view on the same. Twitter user Jane Hawkes, who goes by the handle @ladyjaney75, was evidently not quite happy with her first-class meal or at least we can say that it was not exactly what she had expected to be served.

Jane Hawkes shared a picture of her meal which included some sausages, sauteed mushrooms and tomatoes, and what looked like hash brown and scrambled eggs. The platter didn’t quite look appetising and she shared the picture with this caption, “First class #BritishAirways breakfast. Thoughts?”

See the tweet here:

Twitter users thought this was not an appropriate meal to be served to a passenger travelling in first class. “Nah I wouldn’t be touching that sausage…It looks filthy,” a user wrote.

What do you think about this first-class meal in British Airways? Tell us in the comments section below.

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