We believe what we see but sometimes, visuals can trick our eyes and mind. A person’s senses gather information and send it to the brain. However, the brain simply doesn’t receive the information but also interprets it which results in the forming of perception of the surrounding. In simple terms, a human brain sometimes fills in the blank about incomplete information and sometimes creates an image or evaluates things that are not clearly visible. When one continues to break down difficult information, it only results in a sharpening of the mind.

Here, we bring you a mind-bending optical illusion that will keep your brain busy and allow you to get a quick escape from your mundane life.

Here is the image:

The viral optical illusion was shared by a TikTok user, who claimed that only one percent of people will be able to make the correct observation of the puzzling image. While sharing the monochromatic photo in his TikTok video, the user asked his followers to spot two hidden cats in the image. He said, “Only one percent of people can find the two hidden cats in this image. It’s not easy to find them so let me know if you can see them and send this to a friend so they can try.”

The black and white photo features a man sitting on a chair reading a newspaper while a woman sits on the opposite chair. A child can also be seen playing on the floor. In the caption of the TikTok video, the user asked, “Can you find both of them?” The concealed cats in the image were difficult to find for a few users, many could spot them aptly.

While reacting to the clip, a user wrote, “I only see one,” while another added, “I found all.”

Did you manage to spot the two cats in the photo?

If the illusion is playing with your mind and you were unable to spot the two felines then let us tell you where they are. If you look closely, one feline is resting on the woman’s lap while one is seated below the man’s leg. It is due to the blurry effect of the photo that the two cats appear to be camouflaged.