Optical Illusion pictures are making rounds on social media these days. It has become a trend as these pictures are tricky and interesting at the same time.

For those who are not familiar with the term, how many times do you come across a picture that needs careful attention to understand what it signifies? Those images are optical illusions. They trick your mind into believing something more than what the image appears. Though these pictures are mind-boggling, the main reason why they are trending on the internet is that people enjoy taking on such challenges.

Now, here is a mind-teasing picture that will confuse you and baffle your mind. Take a look at the picture:

The trending optical illusion was shared by a TikTok user, who claimed that only one percent of people will be able to find two hidden cats in this picture. While sharing the video, he asked his followers to spot two hidden cats in the monochromatic photo. He said, “Only one percent of people can find the two hidden cats in this image. It’s not easy to find them so let me know if you can see them and send this to a friend so they can try,” he said.

The black and white image shows a man sitting on a chair and reading a newspaper while a woman sits on the opposite chair. In the picture, we can see a child playing on the floor. The TikTok user asked, “Can you find both of them?”

While these cats are not easy to spot, they may take you a little longer than the expected time.

Did you find the cat? Are you among the 1 per cent people?

Many people flooded the comment section saying they can only find one cat. “I only see one,” a user said.

However, another added: “I found all.”

If you can not find both cats in the picture, you just need to look at the picture carefully. Once you look at the picture closely, you can see one cat sitting below the man’s leg. While the second cat can be spotted on the lap of the woman. It appears hard because of the blurry effect of the photo that the two cats appear to be camouflaged.

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