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Taking to Instagram, he explained that ‘lite’ is a term used on many packaged items like snacks and namkeen. “It comes from us Indians, as we use the term ‘light’ for foods like pohaupma, and idli, which don’t make you feel too heavy. Most people believe light foods to be healthy.”

According to the nutritionist, however, a wholesome plate of daal roti is actually better than these ‘light’ foods. “Light foods are easy to digest, like sugar and refined flour. Usually, they are very high in carbohydrates and devoid of fibre and protein,” he explained.

He added that such foods are good options for when we are sick and need fast energy, but not otherwise. “When we are well, the same foods lead to excessive carbohydrate intake in high glycemic index forms, which is the root cause of all lifestyle-related disorders.”

What should you do?

To ensure good health, the expert suggested consuming such foods in conjunction with low GI foods like curd, dal, sambhar, etc. “So moving forward, put light foods in the same category group as sugar/ maida and make food choices accordingly,” he said.

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