Instagram travel reels are informative, innovative, and fun to watch. Whether you love traveling or not, looking at these videos is therapeutic. People who love to be close to nature find it comforting to see these videos. 

Traveling for relaxation and adventure is great, but not at the expense of putting your life at risk.

While hills are one of the most preferred travel destinations for people, sometimes it can prove risky if you forget to check the weather conditions before planning your adventure.

The rains, especially, can cause unforeseen havoc in hilly terrains.

Many tourists have recently lost their lives in cloud bursts or landslide incidents. 

One video which started going viral on the internet and is scaring people online is from a cafe in Kasol. 

A video posted initially by Pooja Singh is doing the rounds on the internet, igniting security concerns for the cafe based out of Kasol, Himachal Pradesh. 

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People started pointing out how the place is not ‘aesthetic’ but risky for several reasons.

The fast-flowing river behind the cafe has alarmed people to raise an ‘SOS’ about the risks of visiting such destinations during Monsoons. 

The landslide occurred in the hilly Jhalimath village of Rudraprayag on Monday morning as a chunk of the slope beneath the village slid several hundred meters down to the banks of River Alaknanda, District Disaster Management Officer (DDMO) Nandan Singh said. He said the landslide was not caused by rain as the day was clear and sunny.

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