NEW DELHI: The unveiling of the national emblem by the PM triggered a war of words between the government and opposition parties, which not only protested being kept away from the occasion but also questioned why a religious ceremony of one faith was performed when the Constitution “clearly stipulates that the State does not profess or practice any faith or religion”.

Contesting AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi’s remarks that the PM should not have unveiled the emblem and it should have been left to the Lok Sabha speaker, BJP chief spokesperson Anil Baluni said that Owaisi as a legal expert should have known the administrative process before making such “irresponsible” statement.

“The construction is being done by the government. Even the foundation was laid by the PM. Once the construction is over, the building will be handed over to the Parliament administration. It is unfortunate that opposition parties have come out with another set of unfounded allegations which smacks of their political motive,” he said.

CPM alleged that the PM unveiling the emblem amounted to a “subversion” of the constitutional separation of powers. It also criticised the puja organised on the occasion.

Congress said the decision to keep the opposition out of an event to celebrate the national emblem was problematic and “totally wrong”. Its leader in the Lok Sabha, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, said, “Modi is trying to create a Second Republic, a Hindu Rashtra. The decision to not invite opposition parties to the unveiling was deliberate, against the democratic ethos of India and a bad omen for the country… At one time, BJP spoke of Congress mukt Bharat, now they also want to create a democracy mukt Bharat.”

TMC also had objections to the exclusion of the opposition.

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