After the bright, scorching & sunny summers, we welcome the monsoon season with much joy and pleasure. The droplets of rain undoubtedly bring back the fun element in everyone’s life no matter what age the person belongs to. But along with excitement & enjoyment, the rainy season demands extra care towards your hair & skin. During the monsoon season, the amount of moisture in the air is extremely high which eventually traps the grime & dirt on your scalp as well as on the hair shafts, thus the need for extra care.

But all of these problems don’t mean sitting at home and being scared of the monsoon, with some protection & prevention you can easily treat the hair and scalp problems effectively, below are some simple hair care routine tips by Madhumeeta Dhar, Chief Research Officer, Plantas that will work as a guide for you this monsoon season.

1. Oil your Hair – Natural & organic hair oils are recommended that will help deeply nourish the hair. Ingredients such as Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Bhringraj extracts, and Jatamansi extracts not only strengthen and nourish the hair but also fight different scalp infections during the monsoon season. One should include oiling hair at least twice a week to enhance blood circulation to your hair follicles and tame unruly and frizzy hair.

2. Hair Treatment – Hair serum makes your hair strong & healthy, repairs hair damage, stimulates hair growth & improves scalp quality. It is suggested to use hair serum with Buriti Oil, Almond & jojoba extracts as it gives hydration & moisture to your hair that is required during the monsoon season. Ingredients such as Grapeseed fight dandruff and wheat germ oil give nourishment to the hair. You may also go for spa treatments, specially designed for nourishment and hair fall, to strengthen your hair from the roots and protect the hair length.

3. Wash out Rainwater – It is always important to wash your hair every time you are exposed to rainwater. There are chances that the trapped water in your hair may result in an imbalance of the scalp’s pH and because of this, the hair problems may increase. It is suggested to use natural & organic shampoo & conditioner that will nourish and strengthen your hair and prevent your glands from secreting excessive sebum and keep hair problems at bay.

Any kind of seasonal change does impact your hair & skin but with necessary measures, it becomes easy to prevent & protect them. A nutritious and balanced diet will also safeguard your hair & skin. With the above hair care tips, you can enjoy your monsoon season and keep your hair healthy & shiny.

How do you take care of your hair? Share a few of your go-to haircare tips with us. 

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