McDonald’s sent free food and a thoughtful note to a man who had ordered food from the fast food chain at a hospital in UAE. The thoughtful note sent by McDonald’s has gone viral on social media. While a section of the internet appreciated the gesture by the fast food chain, there were several others who were not happy with this.

McDonald's sends free food and a thoughtful note

Dom Mernock on LinkedIn posted a picture that features a little note that McDonald’s sent to the man who ordered food while he was at a hospital. “Hello! We’ve seen that you’ve placed your order from the hospital. Hope you’re keeping well! Your order is on us. The McDonald’s UAE team,” read the note.

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The picture has now gone viral and it has triggered a discussion online. While a section of the internet praised this gesture, others saw the “irony” behind this. “If you are in hospital and your go-to meal when you are sick is McDonald’s you are going to be there for a while,” a user wrote.

“Irony McDonald’s probably contributed to their hospitalisation,” another comment read.

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