Patna: In good news for lovers of Bihar’s mouth-watering delicacies, the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has initiated the process to facilitate manufacturers and producers association seeking Geographical Indication (GI) tag for Bhojpur’s Udwantnagar ‘Khurma’, Gaya’s ‘Tilkut’ and delicious ‘Balu Shahi’ of Sitamarhi district.

We are providing assistance to the producers/manufacturers associations seeking

GI tag for ‘Khurma’, ‘Tilkut’ and ‘Balu Shahi’, Chief General Manager, Nabard-Bihar, Sunil Kumar said.

Kumar said applications for the same will soon be filed by the producers with the GI Registry for these products. “We are in the process of facilitating registration of producers association who will be applicants for GI registration for these three products,” he said.

Earlier three applications from Bihar have been recently filed with the

Geographical Indications Registry (Chennai), seeking a GI tag for Hajipur’s famous ‘chiniya’ variety of banana, Nalanda’s popular ‘Bawan Buti’ sari tradition and Gaya’s ‘Pattharkatti Stone Craft’ with the support of NABARD.

“The applications seeking GI tag for Hajipur banana

Nalanda’s Bawan Buti sari tradition and Gaya’s stone craft have already been filed by associations of farmers, weavers and organisations associated with skilled stone craftsmen of the respective areas with the support of NABARD,” Kumar said.

The CGM further said, “NABARD-Bihar has identified six potential products of the region, including Khurma, Tilkut and Balu Shahi, to be registered under GI. Bihar is a state of taste, where one can find delicious food items. NABARD is playing an important role in the GI registration process and post GI initiative including marketing linkages, branding, promotion and recognized first organization in the country, who has specific GI Policy and schemes.”

NABARD, under the Ministry of Finance

is mandated for providing and regulating credit and other facilities for the promotion and development of agriculture, small scale industries, cottage and village industries, handicrafts and other rural crafts and other allied economic activities in rural areas with a view to promoting integrated rural development and securing prosperity of rural areas.

“Bhojpur’s Khurma is very much liked by foreigners

It is so juicy along with the sweetness from inside that the taste reaches the heart directly from the tongue. The same is the case with the famous Tilkut of Gaya. Tilkut is a unique treat made from sesame seeds and jaggery and is quite popular outside the country also. Balu Shahi a delicate sweet of village Runni Saidpur in Sitamarhi is also very popular in the country. These products of Bihar must get GI tag,” said the CGM.

A geographical indication (GI) is a name or sign used on certain items or products which corresponds to a specific geographical location or origin. Such products with a GI tag are protected under the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999.

Recently, the Geographical Indications Registry (GIR) accepted the plea to rename Bihar Makhana as Mithila Makhana and also suggested further amendments in the brand logo to better reflect its origins apart from identifying and protecting the product’s GI rights.

Other products of Bihar that have already got GI tag, include Katarni Rice, Jardalu Mango, Shahi Litchi, Magahi Paan and Silao Khaja.

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