Kanwar devotees will not have to wait on bus stands for their pilgrimage as Uttar Pradesh Transportation Corporation has made special preparations to run extra buses for the convenience of passengers.

The extra buses will start functioning from this week till Shivratri. They will run from the Kaushambi depot at the Delhi border which will facilitate the devotees from both Delhi and Ghaziabad.

According to Ghaziabad Regional Manager AK Singh, roadway buses will be available every 10 minutes from Kaushambi, Mohan Nagar, and Ghaziabad depots to go to Haridwar. This will help lakhs of Shiv devotees who bring Kanwar in the month of Sawan.

250 buses have been reserved for this purpose for the convenient travel of the devotees. The operations are set to begin this week. In this regard, instructions have been given to drivers and operators. Two drivers and one operator will be deployed in each of the buses.

Meanwhile, the number of passengers travelling in the home district is also reported to be less. This is because of the number of buses with long routes including two from the Kanpur route, two from Lucknow, one from Badaun, three from Saharanpur, and four from Dehradun, and Mirzapur will be reduced to serve Shiv devotees on the Kanwar route.

Transport Corporation is also set to add another 50 buses to this route. Keeping in mind the Kanwar route, officials have prepared the roadmap for the operation of normal buses for the devotees. For the first time, an experiment is being undertaken in which drivers and operators will be connected to the control room directly. They will receive instructions directly and as per need.

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