Milk is packed with vitamins and minerals, particularly calcium. It has numerous health benefits and is extremely nutritious. Although, according to experts, milk should never be consumed with non-vegetarian food items.

Every dish has its benefits but there are certain combinations that are not good for our digestive system or overall health. Dr Nikita Kohli, an Ayurvedic expert talks about some combinations of food that may disturb your digestive system.

The Ayurvedic expert recently shared a video on Instagram in which she talks about what happens when we mix non-veg and milk together. According to her when we consume milk right after eating non-veg food, it can lead to digestive issues and skin disorders like psoriasis and vitiligo.

Initially, she talked about the principles of Ayurveda in her caption which read, “Foods requiring different digestive environments need to be consumed in isolation.” She further added that it is extremely crucial for one to eat the right combination of food at the right time, in order to avoid health issues. “As per Ayurveda, is the misbalance of the three doshas, Kapha, Vata & Pitta, that may wreak havoc on one’s health and well-being,” she stated.

In addition to this, the health expert mentions milk and non-veg are a bad combination because the digestion process of milk differs from the digestion of chicken which is rich in protein.

“Having milk and chicken may cause toxins to develop and accumulate in the body. The chicken, on the other hand, maybe heavy to digest for some people, and the release of stomach acids may put a severe load on the digestion process,” she said.

“Consumption of this combination could even lead to adverse effects in the long run. These effects may include gut-related issues such as stomachache, nausea, indigestion, gas, bloating, ulcers, bad odour, constipation, acid reflux and many severe skin disorders,” she further added.

Thus, she suggested people have both things separately or after a gap of two hours.

Disclaimer: The aforementioned information is based on a single person’s opinion. The website does not guarantee 100% accuracy of the facts.

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