Indian matchmaking is already a (tiresome) maze of bizarre peculiarities. People (or their over-eager parents) are known to look for brides or grooms from their caste, religion, state, language, skin colour (yes!) and whatnot. Many are out for ‘status shopping’, trying to entice someone from a select category of professions which they think will elevate their ‘prestige-level’ in society.

Indians are used to such ‘marriage market’. But just when you think you’ve seen it all. Something bizarre comes your way as you go about your daily endeavour of living life.

India is known to be a country of software engineers. A well-paying job in this field is most sought after. It is hence surprising when someone has aversion to person from this lucrative field.

A photo of a matrimonial ad in a newspaper is currently doing rounds online. It’s from a girl (or her parents) searching for a groom. 

“A fair MBA beautiful girl from a rich family business background is looking for a groom. The groom should either be an IAS/IPS, a working doctor, or an industrialist, from the same caste…” reads the ad.

This much is pretty regular fare in any matrimonial ad. But what follows is perhaps not expected.

The ad actually says ‘Software engineers do not call’

To each their own of course. But doesn’t the would-be bride know how it is almost a compulsory thing to search for a software engineer when you put out such an ad in India? If there were to be a template for Indian matrimonial ad, it would definitely read like a hiring alert for software engineers. Such is the punch these two words pack. It may almost seem blasphemous for experts of marriage market to see someone exclude software engineers from the bouquet of people whose homes they will drink cold-drinks in.

Maybe the bride and her parents hate the field. Or maybe they know how to fix their own computers and don’t want a know-it-all around. Who knows? 

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