There is nothing like some mind-boggling puzzles to exercise those brain cells when you are sitting idle and longing for something to kill time with. So, here is one for you. A photograph that shows a little girl camouflaged against a rocky landscape has been driving people to distraction on the social media site Imgur for years. The image was posted back in 2016 but is enjoying a renewed viral run on the internet with visual puzzles and optical illusions gaining traction in recent times.

The image depicts a spectacular boulder-strewn terrain and instructs viewers to locate a young female tourist wearing a purple sweatshirt who is waving at the camera.

However, because the honey-coloured stones have so many gaps and fissures, it’s almost next to impossible to spot her without assistance.

“Can you find her?” was the teasing caption on the photo. Look closely, it said, which only served to enrage others who couldn’t see anything than a collection of weather-sculpted rocks. Some asked for the image to be “red circled” so they could see the girl’s whereabouts, while another described the teaser as “brutal.” Some even believed the image was a bluff with no one in it in reality. However, there is and it just requires a lot of effort to crack it.

If you haven’t seen her in the image yet, here are some hints. She’s positioned just above one long, protruding stone in the early part of the shot. She’s also frantically waving at the camera. Congratulate yourself if you manage to discover the chameleon-like visitor without assistance; it’s nearly difficult without assistance.

You are required to zoom in and behind the long piece of stone lying on the ground, the little girl can be seen waving at the camera.

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