The Raisina Dialogue has started in India from Monday, in which representatives of many countries from all over the world have reached New Delhi to participate.

During this, the foreign ministers of two European countries questioned India about the Russia-Ukraine War. On this, both the countries were given a blunt answer. India said that Russia is in as much contact with New Delhi. More than that, he lives with Europe. On the cry of democracy, India said that when the crisis arose in Afghanistan, all the democratic countries were just watching hand in hand.

In fact, Norway’s Foreign Minister Aniken Huitfeld, who came to participate in the Raisina Dialogue, asked her Indian counterpart S Jaishankar that Russia has attacked Ukraine, a democratic country. What is India’s role as the world’s largest democracy? On this, External Affairs Minister Jaishankar said, India has repeatedly clarified its stand on this matter. We say that this dispute should be resolved through dialogue. As far as the democratic cry is concerned, all the democratic countries just kept watching what happened in Afghanistan last year. He said, the challenges we face in the Indo-Pacific region. Where does any democratic country take action on that?

This answer was found on the question related to the Russian Foreign Minister

At the same time, Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister Jean Esselborn, who came to participate in the Raisina Dialogue, questioned his Indian counterpart S Jaishankar, a few days ago Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had come to India. Did he explain why Russia attacked Ukraine? On this, Foreign Minister Jaishankar said, only the Foreign Minister of Russia can tell why Russia took such a step. I can only tell what is India’s stand on this matter. He further said, as far as our talks are concerned, Russia is in contact with us. Russia talks a lot more with European countries than that, so you guys will know more than us.

Many countries objected to India’s stand

Actually, India has clarified its stand regarding Russia. India says that talks should be held between Russia and Ukraine to end the war. But many European countries believe that India is not clear about its stand. The reason behind this is that despite the sanctions, India is taking the supply of oil and weapons from Russia. Because of this many countries have raised objections. America has also said that we want India not to depend too much on Russia. However, the point to be noted here is that India-Russia relations are decades old. Both have partnership in the field from defense to trade.