Age-old jokes about how everything changes after marriage may have some basis in reality, but in Tamil Nadu, a group of friends came together to ensure that at least one thing would not change after a member of their group tied the knot.

The group was so worried about things changing after the marriage of their friend that they only allowed the wedding to proceed on one condition. What exactly was this condition?

According to India Today, before the wedding ceremony could take place, the groom’s friends made the bride sign a contract saying he would not miss their weekly cricket matches after the wedding.

Hariprasad, a professor in a private college in Theni, Tamil Nadu, got married to Pooja on Sunday. At the wedding, his friends brought along a Rs 20 stamp paper and requested the bride to sign a contract before marrying Hariprasad.

Pooja reportedly burst out laughing when she read the contract, which said: “I, Pooja, hereby allow Hariprasad to play cricket on Saturday and Sunday for the Super Star Cricket team.”

She signed the contract, much to the relief of Hariprasad’s friends, as the wedding ceremony proceeded as planned.

Hariprasad is reportedly a talented cricket player and captain of the Usilai Super Star cricket league. Speaking to TNIE after the wedding, one of his friends, Ramkumar, explained why they made the bride sign a contact.

“Most of the members of our team Usilai Super Star cricket club stopped playing after their marriage. A few have to take permission from their wives to play with us. We do not want it to happen to our captain,” he said.

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