We love to browse our social media feeds and stories to catch up with our friends and followers. But sometimes our inner Gen Z just wants to remain undercover and keep an eye on everything without coming notice. While instant messaging apps like WhatsApp do let us read the messages without the blue tick but users still can’t hide or turn off the view receipt for the Status.

Did you know there are ways to view someone’s WhatsApp Status updates without coming in the viewers list. How? Well, we are listing down quick and easy steps that will allow Meta-owned WhatsApp users to hide their name from showing up in the view list. This trick works for both Android and iOS users.

How to view someone’s WhatsApp Status secretly

WhatsApp Android and iOS users can view the Status of their contacts without letting them know by disabling read receipts or viewing it offline. Users can also check the hidden WhatsApp Status folder directly in their phone to avoid viewing the Status directly.

How to turn off read receipts on WhatsApp

WhatsApp users often disable read receipts to turn off double blue ticks for messages. Similarly, turning off read receipts helps users hide their name from the Status view list too. Here’s how to disable read receipts on WhatsApp:

Open WhatsApp on your Android or iOS device.

Open the menu by tapping on the dot menu in the top right corner.

Tap on Settings and open Accounts.

Select Privacy and disable read receipts.

How to go offline or enable incognito mode on WhatsApp

Users can turn off the mobile data or use WhatsApp in incognito mode through the browser before viewing the Status. This way users will remain offline and view WhatsApp Status without letting the other person know. Notably, the other person will be able to see the view once the user comes back online. So, to avoid that use the offline method just before the status is about to expire.

How to force stop WhatsApp and view someone’s Status secretly

After viewing the WhatsApp status offline, Android users can force stop WhatsApp from settings and this way users will be able to view their status even after the user goes online.

How to view WhatsApp Status through phone’s file manager

Android users can also see WhatsApp Status through a hidden ‘WhatsApp Status folder’ in the file manager. Notably, when an Android user opens the status tab, WhatsApp downloads all the Status images automatically in the phone storage. So, one can access the saved images though these steps-

Go to file manager.

–Open internal storage and tap on WhatsApp.

Navigate and open the media folder and open the folder ‘Statuses’.

Users will find all the images from the WhatsApp status shared by the contacts.

If the status folder is not visible, go to file manager settings and enable ‘Show hidden files’.

The folder will be visible.

For Android 11 users, the WhatsApp Status folder can be accessible through Settings > Internal Storage > Android > Media > WhatsApp.com > WhatsApp > Media.

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