After winning the ODI series, the entire Indian team burst into a celebratory mood. From skipper Rohit Sharma to Virat Kohli, the majority of the players celebrated the memorable win by popping the corks of champagne bottles one after the other and splashing the alcoholic beverage on one another.

While the majority of the players enjoyed this celebration to the fullest, two key members of the squad, who were part of the playing XI at Old Trafford, were seen rushing away from this whole mess.

If you look closely at the visuals of Team India’s celebration, one could clearly see that the fast bowling duo of Mohammed Shami and Mohammed Siraj distanced themselves from the major part of the celebration.

The use of alcohol is strictly prohibited in Islam and that is why both the Indian pacers who are devout Muslims were seen running away from the stage to avoid coming in contact with the alcoholic beverage which was being splashed left, right, and centre by their teammates.

They both joined their teammates for a brief period and posed for a group picture but ran away from the stage within a few seconds after Kohli let another cork fly and began another round of champagne splash.

Having played a key role in Team India’s victory in Manchester, both the players would have loved to have a gala time with their teammates but they couldn’t. All they could do was watch their teammates enjoy each other’s company standing at a fair distance away from them.

Neither the Indian captain nor any other senior member of the squad instructed the teammates to put the champagne celebration on hold so that Shami and Siraj could also spend some time on the podium.

We all remember how, after winning the Ashes against England on home soil earlier this year, the Australian Test captain Pat Cummins had asked his teammates to put away the champagne bottles so that Usman Khawaja – the only Muslim player in their squad – could also join them on the stage and pose for the group picture.

Listening to their skipper’s command, the Aussie players put their bottles aside and Cummins gestured Khawaja to come and join him in the centre for a group pic.

Speaking of his gesture, the Aussie pacer had said that he wanted Khawaja to also join the celebration.

“We’ve got a really diverse bunch of people and you want to celebrate that, you want to make sure everyone feels comfortable being themselves. That was just one moment,” Cummins had told the reporters.

“If this video doesn’t show you that the boys have my back, I don’t know what will. They stopped their normal champagne celebrations so I could rejoin. Inclusivity in the game and our values as a sport are so important. I feel like we are trending in the right direction,” Khawaja had tweeted.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not against players splashing champagne. All I am saying is that they should have learnt from the Aussies how to be more inclusive in team celebrations.

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