Headache Home Remedies: सिरदर्द को इन घरेलू उपायों से करें कम, जल्द दिलाएंगे राहत

Whenever a headache occurs, you get upset and people start taking many types of medicines or drink tea or coffee. But despite this, this pain does not follow you. You also know that taking more medicines is not good for health, so whenever you have a headache, you can reduce it and get rid of it with the help of some things lying at home. Also Read – Omicron Symptoms in Kids: These symptoms seen in children, get Kovid test done immediately

Headache is a common disease. In most of the cases, headaches are caused due to fatigue and anxiety. When there is a headache, I do not feel like doing any work. People tell different ways when there is a headache. But here we are talking about home remedies for headache. Such effective remedies that will not only give you relief in headache but can be beneficial for health. So let’s know how to use them to remove your headache. Also Read – Headache In Winters: Know why the problem of headache increases as soon as winter comes, follow these measures to get rid

1. Basil leaves

You all know how beneficial Tulsi is, but do you know that even in headache, it works to give you relief. So in such a situation, whenever you have pain, cook basil leaves in water and consume it. It can be more beneficial than any tea and coffee

2. Cloves

Cloves are used a lot in home remedies. In headache, heat the clove buds on the pan and tie the hot clove buds in a handkerchief and keep smelling the bundle made of it, it helps in curing the pain.

3. Black Pepper and Mint

You can also consume black pepper and mint tea in headache, it proves to be very beneficial. If you want, mix some mint leaves in black tea and take it, by doing this your pain will be reduced.

4. Sandalwood paste

If sandalwood paste is lying in your house, then apply it on your head, it provides immediate relief. If sandalwood is applied on your forehead, it cools your forehead and you get benefit from it.

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