Aman from Fatehabad in Haryana, a painter by profession, has been slapped with a Rs 2.5 lakh electricity bill. Prem Kumar, who merely earns Rs 300 per day, was left in a state of shock when he received an electricity bill of Rs 2.5 lakh to be paid for six months.

What is even more shocking is that Prem lives in a shanty which has two fans and two bulbs and his family is now perplexed after getting this hefty bill.

The poor man is now making rounds at the local electricity office to get his bill corrected but the officials have not offered him any help.


Left helpless in a dire situation, he has now lodged a complaint at the Chief Minister’s Window, a grievance redressal system, to solve the matter. He further alleged that the electricity department has not taken any steps to correct the bill, prompting him to approach electricity minister Ranjeet Chautala.

“I work as a painter and earn Rs 300 per day after working hard the entire day. My house has two bulbs and two fans and my family doesn’t even use a refrigerator or a cooler. Usually, I usually receive a Rs 300-400 electricity bill which I pay on time. But for the past six months, the electricity department has sent two to three bills and now I have been slapped with Rs 2.5 electricity bill,” Kumar said.

The electricity department has insisted that the man must pay the bill. Sub Divisional Officer, Ratia Electricity Department, said, “We have got the electric metre checked in the lab and I will examine the report. The current electricity bill has been generated with the present metre readings. The electricity bill is hefty when compared to the consumption of the house and we are trying to find out the reason behind the amount. The correct bill will be generated after verification.”

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