The spoil sport played by a bridegroom in Jagtial of Telangana to cancel the ‘about to happen’ wedding in a function hall has led to events of high drama where the relatives of the bride attempted to attack the bridegroom physically. Going into the details, Anwesh from Hanamkonda has been working as a software engineer in US and he was engaged with a woman from Jagtial district headquarters where the elders of the two decided to conduct the wedding at a function hall in Jagtial district head quarters on August 21 after Anwesh insisted to do the ritual within one week.

Accordingly, the family members of the bride agreed to pay an amount of Rs 25 lakh as dowry and paid him Rs 15 lakhs at the time of engagement.

The D-day arrived and the parents of the bride made all arrangement to conduct the wedding, and readied the remaining amount of dowry of Rs 10 lakh in order to pay the money to the bridegroom in time.

When everyone from both sides thought that everything was goes well, the bridegroom asked his relatives to take him to a hospital as he “slipped and fell in the washroom.” The relatives rushed him to a private hospital and doctors at the hospital treated him.

Anwesh, however, once again complained that he was ill. Meanwhile, in another hospital, the doctors conducted all tests and declared him free of any health problems.

Anwesh played high drama for five hours and the family members of the bride insisted him to reveal the reason behind his odd behaviour and the high drama.

Everybody was in a shock when the bridegroom said that he was not interested in getting married. When the family members of the bride attempted to attack him physically, the relatives stopped them. The wedding was stopped after elders from the both sides decided to solve the problem after discussions.

The same happened in Adilabad where a wedding was stopped after the entry of the lover of the bride to the function hall recently.

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