Delhi Metro is an integral part of daily lives in the national capital. While a regular day sees passengers boarding and de-boarding the metro, something unusual happened on a particular metro ride and the video of which has now gone viral.

The video that has taken the internet by storm shows a boy and a girl having an argument inside a Delhi metro train. The argument finishes with the girl slapping the boy and this left the commuters shocked.

The boy and a girl can be seen fighting over the price of a t-shirt. The girl claims that she bought a t-shirt from Zara for Rs 1000, but the boy disagrees saying that it could not be more than Rs 150. The girl gets irritated with this and hits the boy in anger. The boy in turn gives a warning, saying that they are in a public place, but even then the girl does not shy away from raising her hand. After a while, the boy also slaps the girl.

The video has garnered over 2.5 lakh views. Reacting to the clip, a user wrote that the video shows women empowerment at its peak.

Another remarked that gender equality was a myth in this country and if the scenario was reversed, the boy would have been in jail.

A user questioned if the incident was a prank or reality.

Recently, in another incident relating the Delhi metro, YouTuber Gaurav Taneja aka Flying Beast was arrested by Noida police after his fans – on his wife Ritu Rathee’s request – gathered at a metro station for his birthday celebration.

Taneja was detained by the police for violating the prohibitory orders which were imposed in Noida in view of the rising COVID-19 cases and later arrested under section 144 of the CrPC, section 188 (Disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant) and section 341 (Punishment for wrongful restraint) of the IPC. He got bail hours after the arrest.

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