The people of Arica, a port city in Chile, were surrounded by conspiracy theories of a bad omen after a group of fishermen pulled out an incredible 16ft sea creature. The colossal-sized oarfish was caught off the coast of Chile. The residents of the city flocked to the pier while the fishermen hoisted the silvery fish up from the sea. A TikTok video featuring the long, bony fish being hooked on the head as the workers transfer it to the land has been doing rounds on the internet. The long silver body of the fish is ribbon-like in appearance and features a large red dorsal fin along with two smaller pectoral fins.

The fish, known as ‘King of the Herrings’, is a deep-water creature that measures more than five metres long which is around 16 feet.

Well, the sea creature has now become a folk legend for its supposed future-telling powers, especially after the 2011 havoc. Dozens of suc creatures were spotted in Japan before the deadly Fukushima earthquake. The TikTok video, as per Mirror UK, has racked up 10 million likes, along with raising concerns from the locals who fear of an earthquake in the near future.

One of the viewers said, “And now where do we escape?…” “That’s a scary amazing fish,” another said, while a third added, “Oarfish live in the depths. It is said that when they start to the surface it is because the tectonic plates are in movement.”

Some users believed that whoever finds such a fish is cursed. However, not everyone was impressed by the images of the fish hanging from a hook, with people questioning the reason why the creature has been pulled from the water.

Oarfish, sometimes also referred to as rowing fish, grows to lengths of up to 11-metres. The oarfish lives in deep water, they return to the surface only when they are sick, dying, or breeding.

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