Eid marks the end of the holy month of Ramzan/Ramadan during which Muslims fast. It is being celebrated today on Tuesday, May 3. On Eid al-Fitr 2022, people offer prayers and gather for a lavish feast later in the day with a sumptuous spread of food to be enjoyed with family and friends, to mark the first daylight meal after a month.

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Here are some of the traditional dishes that are had during al-Fitr celebration:

  1. BiryaniOne of the most loved dishes across India – the Biryani in its various forms is something you would not want to miss. Enjoy this delicacy with raita or salad.
  2. Seekh KebabSmoky, succulent and delectable, this delicacy is prepared with a mix of spices and minced meat. It is one of the key items served during the celebratory meal.
  3. Mutton KormaThis robust mutton curry needs no introduction. It’s a spicy meat curry teeming with aromatic masalas, cashew nut paste, saffron among others. The succulent and spicy pieces of mutton goes very well with sheermal (a slightly sweet and chewy flatbread) or rice.
  4. Sheer KhurmaIt is a wholesome pudding made with sweet milk, vermicelli and topped with nuts and raisins is a hit across age groups.
  5. Kimami SewaiyanAnother dessert just like sheer khurma, but this one is slightly thicker in consistency. Along with vermicelli, milk, khoya, sugar – lotus seeds, almonds, cashew, coconut and raisins are also added.
  6. PhirniA thickened milk pudding made with ground rice, the fragrant dessert is topped with loads of dry fruits and nuts.

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