Abdul Karim Chowdhury, Trinamool MLA of North Dinajpur’s Islampur, warned of starting agitation against the party if the block president is not changed. Zakir Hussain has become the Islampur block president of Trinamool. In his place, the Trinamool MLA wanted his elder son Mehtab Hossain as the block president. Abdul Karim is angry that the demand is not fulfilled. On Tuesday, Abdul Karim expressed his anger against the party leadership regarding the block president election by holding a press conference at his residence in Islampur. He said, “You have excluded me from the Ministry. I said Nothing. I won here with the love of the people without the support of the Trinamool. I am a long time MLA. Why torture me?” He warned, “Mamatadi, please withdraw the decision. Otherwise, the movement will continue in Islampur.”

Abdul Karim alleged that Zakir, the current president of Trinamool’s Islampur block, is a ‘criminal’. He further alleged that Zakir was traveling with firearms. Abdul Karim also said that everyone is afraid of him. The Trinamool MLA from Islampur claimed that he had also written to Abhishek Banerjee to make his elder son the block president. In his words, “I would have won with more votes. But I am not greedy. I did not capture the booth. Common people voted for me. Mamata di calls me Karim’da. But why not giving me respect? They tried to defeat me. The burden of the organization is in their hands.”

On the Trinamool MLA’s complaint, the party’s North Dinajpur district president Kanhaiyalal Aggarwal said, “Kamaluddin’s name came up as the block president in the Kolkata meeting.” But he is from Sujali area. I objected then. I then suggested the name of Zakir Hussain. After this, the party leadership conducted further surveys. Zakir’s name has been announced as such. Zakir is not known to have committed any criminal act here. I don’t know how he knows.”

Zakir, about whom Abdul Karim made this complaint, has become the block president for the second time. He said, “The team has given me responsibility. The size of Islampur is very small. Everyone knows everyone. If someone is satisfied by abusing someone, then there is nothing to do. The party had earlier announced that the responsibility would be given after investigating all aspects. The team has given me the responsibility to judge all aspects. The organization of the party has improved with every election. It will happen in the coming days too. No one has any personal territory. Whatever is there belongs to the party.”

Incidentally, in December last year, this Abdul Karim was bullied by the Trinamool leader in an administrative meeting. The MLA of Islampur asked for a separate district in the administrative meeting in Raiganj. At that time, the angry chief minister reprimanded Abdul Karim.

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