Majnu Ka Tila in New Aruna Nagar, Delhi is a shopping paradise and a food haven for all the epicures out there. Also known as the small Tibet, the place is a perfect hub to enjoy for youngsters as the place offers a delicious number of delicacies and a wide market in the narrow streets that are worth visiting. With beautiful affordable cafes vivid Tibetan flags and the melodious sound of the Tibetan prayer bells- this food destination is progressing at a speedy rate. The place offers a plethora of cuisine ranging from Chinese, Korean, Nepali and Japanese but the Tibetan food topped the list because of its unique flavours and zests. If you are planning to visit Delhi’s compact Majnu Ka Tila, then here we list 4 delicious food items that you should not miss.


Famous all over the world and relished by people of almost every age group, the delicious Momo traces its roots back to Tibet. And a stroll to this place is incomplete without relishing a plate of momos. The place offers authentic Tibetan momos with fiery red chutney that is prepared from ingredients including tomatoes, chillies and garlic and the taste is unmatchable. While many cafes bring the best flavour of momo to the table, try the street food joints to savour the unique zest. Soya, vegetarian and non-vegetarian are the three most famous types of momos that are served at this place.

Delicious food items that you should definitely try at the Tibetan hub of Delhi, Majnu ka Tila


Laphing is an authentic Tibetan dish that is prepared from whole-purpose flour and is further peppered with turmeric powder and red chilli powder to bring out the spicy flavour and soft texture. Every nook and corner at Majnu ka Tila serves this dish and once you taste it, it will surely leave you craving for more! It has a spicy flavour and cylindrical shape and is relished cool which makes it a perfectly refreshing summer food. The jelly-o consistency and slippery texture of this dish are a treat for taste buds.

Delicious food items that you should definitely try at the Tibetan hub of Delhi, Majnu ka Tila


Shaphaley or Shabhaley is crispy on the outside and smooth and silky from the inside which makes it a perfect snack staple. It is filled with the filling of chicken, pork, beef or other meat stuffing and is further deep-fried until brown and crisp. The dish is majorly relished with tangy chutney.


Not only satisfies your hunger pangs but it also gives you a sense of comfort as it is light on the stomach and contains nourishing ingredients. Thenthuk is a traditional Tibetan dish and almost every street food stall is decked with this warm and refreshing saucer. Prepared with a variety of refreshing ingredients like varied veggies, chicken, pork and hand-pulled noodles, a bowl filled with this warm soup will refresh you and the unique texture and flavour it provides will content your body and soul.

Delicious food items that you should definitely try at the Tibetan hub of Delhi, Majnu ka Tila

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